Coconut oil always fascinates us with its astounding benefits. We, one of the best coconut oil manufacturers in Kerala, offer you nourishing, wholesome, health-giving and natural coconut oil.

coconut oil manufacturers in Kerala

We are one of the leading coconut oil manufacturers in Kerala, Umami coconut oil is made from high-quality coconuts harvested in Kerala. This pure and natural oil is an ideal choice for improving the flavour of your cuisines as well as boosting your hair growth and skin health. This chemical-free oil is one of the most popular coconut oils in Kerala. Apart from enhancing the flavour and taste of your cuisines this wholesome oil can make your food healthier as it contains Healthy Fatty Acids.

If you are looking for natural and healthy coconut oil, this one is your ideal choice. Umami coconut oil is a perfect one for baby massages.

Using this health-giving oil can make your skin glow and promote hair growth. As one of the most versatile oils with countless health benefits, Umami coconut oil has acquired popularity, customer trust and loyalty in a short period.

coconut oil manufacturers in Kerala

We stand out from the competition with the proficient management team, devoted and highly experienced employees and a top-notch production facility.

Umami coconut oil has never been treated with any chemicals as we don’t want to sacrifice the quality.

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